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She’ll likely get versions of all the cross class outfits, but likely modified. Like Karlstein with pants and a full neck. 

I’d like to see her version of Kibelius look like a Grecian knee length tunic that’s not see through. 

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Personally over the 3+ years BDO has been out I've spent way too much on cosmetic gear, so I'm Crafting a set of Female Karlstein Boxes to hopfully clad my Shai however it looks, Thats assuming you get the Boosts the cash version confers, otherwise whats the point in a crafted version :)(Eitherway I love the Karlstein "Van Helsing" Look on my other Characters) Shai Are basically the Hobbits of BDO So why shouldnt they be as outrageous as other classes in there apparel :)

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