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issue with musa chase skill

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idk if this is just me but i randomly have issues with chase on my musa when in pvp. it always seems to happen when im bein grabbed by another player and if i hit the trigger at the right time to evade it sometimes it will shoot me backwards then put me back in the hands of the player but it will do this 3 times total all while the other player never lets go of me and is punchin me in the face or killin me. idk y it does this and im on a hardline cat 6 with a fiber 1g/1g internet connection. it doesnt look the way lag normally does where players bounce all over the map....instead its rubber bandin me back and forth to the exact spot i was grappled over and over almost like the timing was just right and the game thought i wasnt grappled but at the same time it thought i was grappled. i havent seen other posts about this but if this is a repeat sorry for the double post. again it only happens with pvp and only when im being grappled.

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