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[EU] Silence.

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Silence is a fairly new PvP guild. We have 30 members and have just started contesting for Nodes. Even though we're a PvP guild we still do plenty of Guild Missions daily, Scroll runs and bosses if that's more your thing.

Our aim is to grow and fight for higher tier nodes and go from there. We're fairly new to the Node Wars scene and learning as we go.

We're a bunch of friendly people and will happily help our own even if we do like to troll others outside of the guild every now and then 😉

We all enjoy a laugh and don't take the game too seriously but always try and win.

Our home sever is Valencia 1 on the EU server.



All new members will start on a 30 day 30k a day contract, when that contract expires our leader or one of our GOs will decide what upgrade you will get depending on your activity level.

We will also be starting guild payouts now we've won a few node wars and upped the guild balance.

We have a discord where we all communicate that you will be added to once you've joined the guild.


IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN JOINING <SILENCE> EITHER; LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST WITH YOUR GEARSCORE and IGN/XBL and will contact you OR message me on Discord Cameron#8159 OR message me on XBL GT: Cammeey.

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