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***Templars*** (NA)

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Hello, we are a medium sized guild looking to expand so we can be competitive for node wars. 

Things We Have:

  • 33 members after a self cleanse of our inactive members.
  • Max Buffs: AP, Accuracy, Damage Reduction, Health, Gathering, and fishing. 
  • Former PC players and high gear score (470-510) officers who are more than willing to help you
  • Close knit group of laid back people. We're always in a big xbox party or two together.
  • There is no strict chain of command like in bigger guilds and there never will be. This guild is ran by council of officers that vote on all guild related issues, guild master gets tie breaker vote.
  • Knowledgeable members of every class. 
  • Headsets and party chat

Things We Don't Have:

  • Drama and toxicity- we've turned away people and guild merges due to this issue. No one in this guild is toxic and no in this guild causes drama. 
  • Female gamers. We're open to having female gamers in our guild. But we warned, we will not change our guild's culture or the way we cut up with each other to suit someone with thin skin. Nothing mean spirited will ever be directed your way. 
  • Squeakers- don't have them, don't want them. No offense, not personal. 
  • Feuds with other guilds. We don't karma bomb and we don't dec on guilds for personal vendettas. We defend our own, but we don't start BS. 


  • Gearscore: 350 minimum, any class. If you are below 400 we place you on a two week contract and we will help you reach 400. Then you will be placed on a 30 day contract where we will help you reach 450+. If you're on and actively trying to reach these numbers, that's fine, we can work with that. But if you fail to reach these numbers in these time frames and it's due to inactivity, we will have to part ways. 
  • Level: 55
  • Discord
  • Node Wars will eventually become a requirement once we've filled ranks. As of now we conduct node wars to teach new members their roles and how node wars work or we do a guild payout that week. This is an issue we vote on as a guild. Every member in the guild gets votes based on how many guild missions they made participated in. GUILD MISSIONS ARE NOT REQUIRED- however if you want in a voice in how we spend the guild funds then you need to help us make said money. 
  • We will invite you to our xbox parties every time we see you on. It's up to you if you want to accept. We want you to feel included, but you aren't obligated to join. 
  • Headset required for node wars.

We are also accepting guild merges for any groups that want to join.

If this sounds like the guild for you don't hesitate to send me a message on Xbox. My GT is Murph Gone Wild. 

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