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Shai awakening ?

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Heya everyone,


 i guess if you clicked the post You already got some info on shai awakening, i did at least, please feel free to correct me if i am wrong , but this is all we know so far about her awakening:

- a LOT less abilities even in awakening then any other classes,

- Some new Damage abilities, and some theoretically useful support abilities, no super armor or forward guard on any of the awakening abilities

- movement speed greatly reduced while awakening skills are used

- 3 yellow grade awakenings.


Well those are all i managed to get from multiple resources, i kinda feel it unpolished even compared to her pre awakening, The class can max out all her pre awa skills with 500 SP, 200 more and all awa skills are maxed, no absolute skills at all, no rabam skills at all. PVP damage greatly reduced, she has kinda no defense on abilities on awakening, reduced mobility, also 3 weapons to enchance, that can be repaired only with memory frags ? Come on, what kind of joke is this ?

I hope they will modify the skills, add some more, and if we have to upgrade 3 awa weapons in the end, make it easier then the other weapons.

She is already in an unfair position if we count that you need a DP build for PVP, as she does no dmg at all why build damage build then, also one AP build, cuz in the end you still need to grind with her.

ANd now this, here ya go 3 additional weapúons to level....


As this is only speculation and somewhat alpha based informations about her awakening, no official announcement yet from the developers, please share your opinions onm the case.


Thank for reading it 



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