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Hey guys, quick question on how does sorc feels on pvp on normal xbox

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Hey there,

I plan to play as sorc main on PS4 ( no hate please ), I own the normal PS4 not the PRO version and I am curious how the sorc pvp gameplay is on the normal Xbox.

Is the framerate low, are you guys having a hard time iframe-ing due to hardware limitations and low fps? I would really love some answers regarding how the pvp feels as a sorc before I throw my wallet at Sony and Pearl Abyss just to be disappointed on late game.

Thank you very much fellow console players. ;)

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I played both betas on a regular xbox and then upgraded to an X for full release. So while I haven't experienced pvp on a regular xbox I have fought people who are obviously not on an X. 


So in general there is going to be issues no matter what version on console you use. I framing on reaction is going to be a big issue without the upgraded console but only slightly and in certain areas. 1v1 fights in arena and battle arenas should be fine(except heidel), less issues of things loading in, etc. Grabs are the things you'll rage about the most, sometimes you'll be on the other side of the arena or a good distance and you'll still get grabbed due to desync.

The biggest issue will be large scale fights, like nodewars, siege wars, large gvg's. Don't sweat it though, everyone experiences those issues but it will be worse on a regular console.


Overall though, Sorc translates really well on console compared to some classes, shes really strong in the right hands as she should be.

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