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[EU] Apex - PvP Recruitment

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We are a casual guild made up of mature gamers who are enjoying the Black Desert experience and looking to diversify our ranks.

We’ve reached the 50 members mark and ppl are happy with how our rules are relaxed with no requirements or targets they need to meet to stay in the guild, and we’ve stopped recruiting players who are looking for this playstyle.

For the next 50 members, we’re looking to recruit PvP ready players who are looking to take part in GvG, node wars, conquest, etc and all sorts of PvP activities at least once or few times a week (depending on availability of participants, and War Officer arrangements).

Minimum requirements to join:

  • 400+ Gear Score (it’s basically total of your AP + DP).
  • Level 55+
  • Ability to participate in PvP activity (node wars mainly) Thursday – Sunday (at least once during that period, which will be set by the War Officer).
  • Maintain a minimum of 2 participation a month (we do understand you have a real life, but it’s couple of hours a week you need to dedicate for this event).
  • Members who fail to maintain the minimum number of participations will be kicked. 


Below are the general requirements, rules and perks.




+18 (mature)



Don’t be toxic

English speaking


Current Guild perks

Guild Payouts (increases with activity)

Max AP

Max Accuracy

Max Damage Reduction

+3 Fishing

+2 Gathering


If you’re interested in joining us, jump into our discord channel (https://discord.gg/3hNt8eY) and say hello. You can also DM me or @Azza on the forum, or message me on XBOX (GT: maXmood)

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