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PC QoL patch

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PC players received a QoL patch today. Will we get this as well?






  • Fixed the issue where the fingers would disappear when equipped with the Red Nose's Armor.

  • Improved the wind effects for skills used with the Florang.

  • Fixed the issue where the head shape numbers 3, 12, and 16 would appear to not properly display parts of the back side of the head when equipped with the Marigold Sunset clothes.

  • Shai can now use the Capturing Rope.

  • When you use Twirl towards the left or the right side and then to the opposite side, you now deal 2 hits to the opposite side.

    • Increased the speed of 1 hit standing Swing Swing skill motion.

  • You can now activate Eat This! faster while using Hop, Tuck-and-Roll, or Swing Swing.

  • Adjusted the very low damage the attack skills used with the florang dealt when in PVP, and now they can make more than a certain level of damage.

  • Increased the attack range of the following skills in order to fix the issue where the actual attack range was smaller than the attack effect shown when attacking with the florang.

    • Twirl

    • One-Two-Three

    • Hop-Three

    • Kwik-Two

    • Twirl-Three

  • The transition to Twirl while using Hop to the left/right has been improved to be faster.



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