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<Panic> Requirements and Contact Info

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Looking to recruit players to continually cap our current roster. We're well organized and continually getting stronger in the pursuit of more dominant Siege and Nodewar victories. 

We are an extra large guild and our current average GS: 490+ and lvl 60.23.


We require a verbal interview either through discord or through an Xbox chat. A PvP tryout will also be required to join.


Current Requirements: LVL 60 Required & 475+ GS 

Current PvP Schedule

  1. Every Saturday at 5PM PDT

Why Join Us

Panic has been one of the top guilds since BDX launch. We opened our doors to beginner Xbox players an PC veterans without any discrimination. We're very proud of being the only guild that was here on day one that is still considered to be a top guild. If you're looking for a guild that you can grow with as a player, consistent, stable, organized and longevity matters too you, then I invite you to contact any of the players below to set-up an interview.


Feel free to leave a comment down below, or to reach out to the following people. Additionally you can direct join our discord by following the link provided (Discord is preferred)



  • XBL: I 3mPte C7ip I          Discord: Xen#8465                   InGame Family: Reliquinn
  • XBL: Deadeyecation         Discord: Tekkaden#1648        InGame Family: Medi

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