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[PS4/NA] <GameOver> Recruiting! A Hardcore PvP Family!

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<GameOver> welcomes both NEW and EXPERIENCED players! We were one of the top PVP guilds in Tera, and we’re moving over to BDO. With all of our PVP experience, we’re looking to have fun and work hard together to progress in Black Desert. 


We are looking for the following:

    •    Heavy Life Skillers

    •    Hardcore PvP’ers

    •    Loyal & Active Members

    •    Cool People ;)



We promise the following upon joining our Family:

  • Making sure all guildies get a strong start on launch
  • Experienced players (from PC & Xbox) that will teach you the class that catches your attention
  • Active leader and officers 
  • Knowledge on gear progression
  • Back up whenever you need to hold a grind spot
  • Node Wars + Siege!!!


Don’t be shy. We’re not trynna be elitist pricks, but don’t worry we’ll still come out on top. 


If interested you can message me on PSN @SomeLegend- or contact any of us and ask for Discord invitation:

Guild Leader - Legend#6427

Guild Officers - Cpt.Koga#7526, Jon2098#4355, Keeks#8015, xKADUKUx#5816

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