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<Vendetta> [EU] Semi-Hardcore PVP Guild (5/6 Nodes a week)

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🤜 <Vendetta> [EU]🤛 

**Now recruiting active  PVP players. We are a Semi-Hardcore PVP Non-toxic guild, winning 5/6 nodes a week. We are looking for all types of PVP players, new or experienced. If you have a love for PVP, join us!**

*Vendetta are open for merges. If you want to become a top tier guild, message me*  

⚔   EU Guild
⚔   100M a week pay outs (5 mil max daily pay outs)
⚔   PvP/Node wars 
⚔   Guild Missions (For silver gains)
⚔   Scroll runs
⚔   World Bosses
⚔   All Guild Buffs Active
⚔   Friendly, supportive guild to help ALL members
⚔   PVP Training
⚔  Discord

Join our discord and check it out to see if  **<Vendetta>** is the guild for you. 
*Please note when you join the discord you will be put into a lobby that messages disappear when you close the app. To get hold of someone, please message an admin or officer.*


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