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<SevenDeadlySins> [NA] Chill laid back guild looking for pvpers for node wars

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Very chill guild with laid back environment! We're still competitive and wanna be successful in node wars we just do it with less politics and drama. We do everything the game has to offer and are very helpful and can answer any questions you might have. We're looking for players with 450+ gs but are willing to take lower gs if you're dedicated to being apart of the guild and growing with us!

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Hey! Since this was posted a while ago, not sure if you're still recruiting. Husband and I are really interested in learning more/seeing if we're a fit for this guild. Was hoping to chat to someone and ask some questions. If you guys are down, feel free to add me on xbox (KaichiMom) or message me in game (family name Eviscerium).



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