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CM Trent

PS4 Beta EU/NA Store Issues

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Hey Adventurers,

There are currently a few issues affecting the download of the Black Desert Beta for PS4. These are unfortunate issues in which we are working with Sony Interactive Entertainment to fix before the Beta goes live. We are making these known in case the issues are not resolved in time.

Anyone who added the Black Desert beta before it was republished will face an error code saying that it needs to be updated. We are working with SIEE engineers and service teams to get this issue resolved as soon as possible. Those who add the product after the republishing at around 1 PM UTC 08/08 will be able to access the game without issue.

North America
There is currently an issue where the beta is not showing up as its own product, and instead is showing up as extra content for the Standard Edition of Black Desert. This means that to find the beta download, you will need to go to the standard edition of the game, and from there find the beta download under the demos section. We are working again with SIE to get this issue resolved and to make the beta easier to find in searches.

We apologise for these issues and we are hoping that they can be resolved before the beta goes live.

Black Desert PS4 Team

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