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​​​​​​​ KoS guild recruitment Eu Based

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There is no gearscore or level required. A few of us play bdo on xbox one/pc. since day 1 so if you have any question or if you need help i think its a good place for you!. We are looking To Find Players Who are Interested in joining a Strong Social PvP Oriented Community. If Your Interested In Progressing With A Social Pvp Guild , DM Me Or Join the Discord To Talk To One Of The Officers.


💥 Friendly atmosphere
💥 Weekly relic runs
💥 Weekly boss scroll runs
💥 Weekly guild boss scrolls
💥 Daily group grinding
💥 Sea monster hunting when Available 
💥 24/7 activity
💥 Daily Guild Missions
💥 **NodeWars** / **GuildVsGuild**
💥 Red Players Welcomed
💥 PvP Training
💥World boss


Adults Only
Combat Trial
💀 **PvP**



If Your Interested Join The Link Below And Put A Message Into The Waiting Room to Let Us Know Your There. 

We Are Open To Small Guilds Interested In Merging Into Us


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