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[XBOX NA] AncientOnes recruiting mature adult gamers

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AncientOnes was created as a home for the older, more mature BDO players out there who would like an easy going environment. We intend to have activities that we do together regularly ranging from guild missions, boss scrolls, questing and leveling. There is a little something for everyone. Of course, participation is NOT mandatory, everyone is free to game in the way they want.

Guild has Fishing / Gathering / AP / Accuracy buffs Mastered. Based out of Mediah-3.

Our philosophy
BDO is a game for enjoying with nice, friendly people. Our emphasis is on having a mature, fun environment with a casual approach. We are a PVX guild, with members that enjoy all the content that the game has to offer.

Social environment
I am striving for a mature, friendly guild environment. While age isn’t always a sure indicator of maturity, it is a general guideline. To that end, I’d like applicants to at least be in their late-twenties or so. I want to develop it into a fun, friendly, easy going guild where people get to know each other.  Your RL schedule does not matter to me, whether you can play all day or just a few hours, or even an hour. We do appreciate that if you won't be around for a length of time, to keep the officers or GM informed. Just to emphasize, we recruit nice people, not characters. So, whether you are new to BDO or you are a veteran, as long as you are a nice person and want a friendly, easy going guild, you are equally welcome.

As far as rules go, we follow a very simple guideline:

  • No rude, toxic people allowed (strictly enforced). This applies to conduct outside of guild chat as well (I.e Server, World chat, Open world)

Guild requirements

  • Be a nice person
  • Late-twenties or older preferably
  • Have a character of any class and level
  • Enjoy having fun

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, get in touch with me on my XBL Gamertag: QuoteTaDaRaven

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We have a great guild with no drama and very laid back attitude.  We currently are set at 13/20 which leaves us small. Eventually we will grow beyond that but want a nice core of people. We like to find some people that are mature in personality & age, willing to help others & have a sense of humor. 

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5 hours ago, Absentmindss said:

Still recruiting?


We sure are. Get in touch with Chris3485 via his gamertag QuoteTaDaRaven or send either of us a PM. Look forward to hearing from you. 

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