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Increase Manos Viability for Endgame/PvP

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Disclaimer: I'll likely write another of these in regards to armor, but for now this one is about the Manos accessories.

The biggest issue I have with this game, and what will inevitably stop me from playing it in the long run is that the end game boils down to a few builds, rendering 90% of the game's accessories and armor sets completely useless. I understand that Talis, Kalis, Hesus, Yuria, Elisha, and Bares aren't supposed to be late game viable, but Manos is too expensive and too rare not to be. My recommendations would allow full counter play builds to exist in the same sense that you can run EVA to counter AP and ACC to counter EVA, etc. These are  good base for having counters, but when that's all there is, you don't really have to build around possibilities, you're just building for the most likely type of player you'll find.

First Step
-Make Manos accessories much easier to come by. Their trade numbers are only in the hundreds whereas other items are in the tens of thousands.
-Remove the White, Green, and Blue versions of the Ruby/Sapphire/Topaz/Emerald/Diamond necklaces. Their trade numbers are in the teens to mid tens (Sub 100) and the game has been out for months now. No one uses these because they're trash and can't be used in any builds.

Second Step
-Remove the PvP cap on resistances. Due to how the game already works, the only way to hit 100% resistance on a single CC is to sacrifice stats elsewhere, be that in other resistances or additional stats. This sacrifice should be the only limitation in what you can and can't achieve. There is NO REASON whatsoever that you can't fully avoid being grabbed if that means you're more vulnerable to stiffness, stun, freeze, knockdown, and knockback. The same could be said for every other option.

Third Step
-Drop the price of all Manos Necklaces by half.
-Increase the HP/SP/Stam gained from Manos Earrings by 25 per enhancement level, and by 50 at PEN. (PEN would grant 200 total)
-Add an amount of 5 AP/DP to the Manos Rings. Increase this by 1 per enhancement level. (PEN would grant 10AP/10DP)

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