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Stream talked about a warrior buff

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I'd like to talk about the issue with what was stated and what this really means for us warriors. Firstly its a clear statement that no one on the testing side or in general ever mains or plays the warrior because the first thought wouldn't be to buff meditation which is a skill that costs health to recover your weapon power, while leaving you exposed with no Super armor or frontal guard.

As stated Meditation in no form whether PvE or PvP is ever useful because the benefits you get from it is worth 0.0000001% which is a reason many seasoned warriors on PC have stated to lock this skill; Imagine someone saying buffing ground slash would benefit warriors... I would be baffled and so would any warrior main. 
Meditation no matter how good you attempt to make the skill you can easily get more weapon power by using your awakened ability like balance strike or even moxi & both skills give you an immediate return of weapon power + more benefits. Heck even blocking in awakened form/pre awakened form provides more weapon power when getting hit + an added benefit such as AP/DP.

My mate who plays PC as a warrior said that it's pretty solid except it could use some touches like SA in charging thrust among-st other things so I'd suggest looking into the buffs warriors have on PC, one of them was omni-block which I think would be great. My opinion is there needs to be some lingering SA on a few skills like wreckless blow; even though it has SA on it while charging, the moment its released i.e charging stops it can immediately be interrupted via stun.

As a player who has played a warrior varied class from the days of Phantasy star universe, Phantasy star Online, and a better example Elder scrolls online; it seems everyone keeps missing the mark on these classes. I've submitted balance changes for ESO before via discussion with the former combat lead and somethings made it in while others not so much.

That's all I gotta say now, again as a TL;DR I suggest looking at the PC buffs for warrior and simply bringing them over as many seasoned warriors are stating its pretty solid and possibly add changes like SA to charging thrust for better engage/disengage.
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