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Better node info on map.

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Hi could we get more node information on the map? Like what resources are available at the nodes? I mean specifically like copper or zinc rather than just a mining icon. I've been having to look up on a website which resources are at which nodes and I feel like I shouldn't have to.  Why not just make the console PS4 map the same as the of map?


As well as in workshops  could we maybe see what materials are needed to craft armor in the armor workshops for example? 


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It’s not as intuitive as pc for sure but not having to look up the information on google would be nice. Or spending contribution time and energy to figure out what a node is...

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I agree! I have played BDO on PC and still am. Why not having the resources written for each node. Only farming nodes are showing the exact resources going to be gathered by the workers.

and for the crafting materials for:

weapon/ accessories/ armor/ life skills customs etc.

all these dont show the mats needed and how many for each.

also we need to know what benefits we would get by getting amity on a specific NPC. For example the NPC which gives Kazarka knowledge. It is hard and sometimes impossible to read what info is written in the ring surrounding the NPC. Info like knowledge for certain NPC or location is important to be shown clearly.

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