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Pearl shop tent is USA $50 over priced

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why $50 its not much function the store is a joke large potion hp it heals 250 hp that like for a -2 lvl player the other potions are weak same as hp potion but realy 30% more expensive  only useful is the repair equipment and 18 storege . 

I suggest letting the function be able to use by other players and improve the shop potions

the other suggestion is letting others use the storage each  player have their own space and the store gives! others players a quest to tranfer the loot that other put in a mean time they get there  x ( if tranferd 3 itome that takes 3 slots that well lock 3 slots  of players inventory space)time space lock untell it gets tranceferd  to the nearest city(minimum of 7,000) or what they pick but the fee well cost more  to pay a player to transfer  ps world map shoot show up a icon  like a beacon to let other players see it that thers loot to be transferred . all this exclusive for who ever got the Pearl shop tent (campfire)pack. one more thing if owner of the tent pick it up the time ends in 20 sec loot return back to the owners  of there loot and the option for others to cancel there loot transfer after 10 minutes pass( to prevent trolling players ) it gos in a 20 minute cool down to use the constellation option again

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