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Guild Bosses need a rework

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Boss scrolls like Puturum,etc are pretty fine although I feel each boss scroll should award way more hunter seals/black stones but that's another topic.

The main issue is scrolls like [Awakened muskan of maddness] yeah no the current loot table for that is just terrible like really really really bad for the work you put in on a boss that can 3 tap/1 hit a lvl 61 300DP warrior lol.

My suggestion is simple instead of 100k bars they should be 1mil bars with a potential RNG drop at muskan boots, all BON/WON/JIN (not just Bon hysteria), minimum 100 black stones of armor/weapon and each kill should be around 300 hunter seals minimum. 

Those who aren't familiar are probably wondering why the hell should it have that much well the thing is it requires you to get fury (15x) they're only awarded for doing I believe medium and higher kill guild quests with an exception of a few of them. It means you have to do 15 on one character because they cannot be traded with a guildy nor do I think you can store them. The bars is a must have and so are the RNG drops added, the only thing I'd say can be picked around would be the black stones and hunter seals.

If nothing changes then for sure the boss scroll for collecting essence of fury is just worthless and has no real value other than selling them.


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1 hour ago, Rhaezius said:

So Muskan of Madness does NOT drop Muskan's shoes?????

Yeah that’s correct the guild boss doesn’t not drop it according to loot tables posted by PC players & it has not been updated since.

If you fought the boss you’ll also understand how terrible the rewards are for a guy that can drop you regardless of your DP & level.

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