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Quest Suggestions

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Town Quests should be categorized by town. I have a bunch of town quests that dont tell me which town theyre from. Some are near by, some are across the map. Things would be more efficient if those quest were categorized by their indicated town.

Beginner crafting quest should be prioritized. The quests that teach you crafting should appear before any crafting quest that requires prior crafting quests to be completed. Same should go for any quest that has prerequisite quests. I got a little tangled up with quests I couldnt complete because of prerequisite quests I didnt find yet. Some of these quest issues are frustrating, time consuming, and can turn a players inventory into a mess. - which leads to a suggestion outside of questing -  we need the ability to have a personal inventory in our residence, not something we have to rent, and separate from the town storage.

Discovery quests can use a waypoint to a general area. Perhaps a nearby town npc can direct the player.

We should be able to scroll over quest rewards and identify them, that way we can prioritize better. I understand after a while we become familiar with the reward symbols, but it would still help whenever we come across a reward we havent seen yet. This goes both for the quest page, and for npcs who offer quests.




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