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[PS4 NA] Transcendent is looking for active players!

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Transcendent is looking to recruit active NA players!


We are at around 65 active members and are looking to fill our ranks with valuable players such as yourself. 


We run a lot of guild quests through out the day, alongside doing guild bosses.


We’re a mature and friendly guild looking for anyone with a 350+ GS and above the age of 18.


We’re a PvP/E guild that partakes in various guild based events!


If you are interested below is a link to our discord, or you can message me on here for details! Discord required!


Look forward to playing with you!!





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Update, our new requirements are now level 50+ with a gear score of at least 250. 


If you are close to the requirements, we may accept you based upon how close you are.


also, we’re 5 days old with 70+ members. We’re doing great!! 

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