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PS4 Needs To Calm Down

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I’m just posting this to get some feedback to see if anyone else has noticed this. The ps4 community needs to calm down. The game released a couple of weeks ago and a lot of them are asking about a lot of stuff we didn’t get for months. Of course this is natural because it’s out on PC, Xbox, etc but the way they’re asking is just kinda rude. Usually when people ask about a class, or systems you’ll get the answer soon or in the future from Simon. Usually it’s goes like “hey when will we be getting so and so class”? These people are generally just demanding things and questions like “WHY ISNT ARCHER OUT YET”, “WHY DONT WE HAVE AWAKENINGS YET”. Like this game just launched for you. If we had to wait then you’re definitely going to have to wait. They’re also asking for things that Xbox hasn’t gotten yet. If we haven’t gotten it then you definitely won’t be getting till we get it. I get when we first launched we wanted to know what was coming next and what the next big thing was, but I don’t recall anyone being rude and demanding things. Everyone was just over curious.

p.s I’m not saying all people from ps4 comm are like this, of course not, but I’ve just noticed it enough. You know?

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Hi, i am a PS4 player and played (it) on pc before.

I wanted to hop in (while browsing all forums) and point out a behavioural issue that is happening here:

People have a strong tendency to form groups of any sorts and identify with that. What you just did is errecting an opinion based on the same people who happen to do the same thing in a different point in time, but branding them as a whole new group that did xx good or most likely xx bad.

This is how you rally the simple minded to gather up pitchforks and go out to burn "the other village" just because they have a different  [insert object, color, opinion...].


--> "We" vs. "They" etc.

WE are all the same with different outcomes. We are - not console players vs. pc - but people who enjoy black desert and choose to run it on a different computer. What you point out about new players is generally always the case.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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