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What’s up my buddy and I are new to the game.    We’re looking for a guild to help answer our questions and help us grow. We play often mostly for 7-8 hours on the weekend and a few hours after work. I have access to discord also.

we are about lv 51 ish

thanks much appreciated!

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Transcendent is a fairly new guild based in the Val 1 server. We are a NA guild.

We are roughly  days old and rapidly growing, we’re at 40+ members already and looking to progress our ranks even further. 

We run a lot of guild quests through out the day, alongside doing guild bosses.

We’re a mature and friendly guild looking for anyone level 50 and above!

Right now we’re focused on growing and learning, but later on we intend to get into the PvP aspect of the game. 

If you are interested below is a link to our discord, or you can message me on here for details! Discord not required!

Look forward to playing with you!!


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