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[Clan Recruitment] Looking for players interested in node wars!

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Hello all!


Crom is a newly formed guild looking for players looking to experience all of what black desert online has to offer, no formal training required we plan to learn together.

Guild Master [Family: Halphas, Character: Cristy] (57 Witch)

Officer [Family: Resasuke, Character: Resasuke] (56 Wizard)

You can find us on Serendia-1 where we will be almost always unless notified otherwise.

Online schedules varies but generally we are online everyday especially Friday-Sunday. 


We’re chill group of individuals so we expect personal drama to be minimal, games are meant to release stress not build on it, so let’s have fun! 

Active players are preferred, if you are unable to play please contact a guild master or officer otherwise you may be subject to removal.

PvP oriented play will be focused around guild wars and node wars. If you are not a PvP players you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to, but you’ll be expected to contribute in building clan funds through guild missions. 

Level 50 characters are preferred, no class or AP requirements.



We plan to extend our reach and be a impacting force on the world of Black Desert.

Everyone will be accommodated to suit their needs and we will have a community able to operate with minimal instruction.

If any of this interests you please don’t hesitate to send us a friend request, we’d love to have you on our team!


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