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Wizard Combat/PvP

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Hello, this is just a generic combat wizard thread. I'm hoping discuss do's, dont's, tips, tricks, and tactics for wizards. 

I am looking for information regarding combat with wizard or witch, strictly pre-awakening. I'm on ps4, but the "classes" section of the forum is missing and I figured the xbox players have more experience anyway. I've done little PvP as my gear is crap, but I'm sure that when I go in I'll have no idea how to effectively use my skills. 

I'm hoping to hear from wizard players about what they've found success with. 

I've been killing mobs fine with lightning chain, fireball + explosion, and lightning + residual lightning and my utility spells have mostly come in handy, too. But I rarely use meteor, blizzard, or earthquake and when I do it's usually not very effective. As a result I haven't upgraded them and they don't do amazing damage. 

Do you guys use mind training for bonus casting speed? I can't seem to figure out if it's worth it or not, I can hardly tell the difference. I've invested 30 skill points into +5% casting speed since I figured it was a good number and cheap enough on the points. 

Are there any good combos other than using sage's memory to instant cast meteor or blizzard? What abilities am I more likely to be using in PvP? 

I just don't feel like I'm properly coordinating my spells and part of that is because I don't have all of the buttons memorized and I don't need all of them to kill mobs anyway so there hasn't been much pressure to add abilities to my rotation. I pretty much spam lightning chain and use explosion and residual lightning to kill off larger groups or tougher foes. 

Are ice spells used much in PvP? They seem like they'd be good but I don't see many frozen enemies in pvp videos. 

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