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not enough resources to play the game

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a pop up saying I don't have enough resource to play the game and give me an option to quit or don't show me this again I press my Xbox menu and it disappear in 10 seconds my game froze and crashed it kicked me out of the game. I was fighting in the middle of a boss.    info : xbox one x  internet speed is 140Mb and uplode 10 Mb and I have Black desert installed in a external SSD (I checked my speed after it happened and non of my house was using the internet  except Roku YouTube) the popup message was from the system Xbox

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This happens when the Xbox is running low on RAM memory.

For example, this can happen due to issues with game itself such as memory leaks (game incorrectly manages memory allocated to ram) or running the game for a long time (game allocates too much memory to the RAM over time).

If you choose to ignore the warning and continue to play, then what can happen is that the game may run out of RAM space to allocate memory to and the game crashes.


My suggestion would be to restart the game if you have been running it for hours, especially after coming back from doing things like overnight fishing etc...

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