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[NA] [PS4] CrimsonLuna close-knit and friendly guild looking to expand our family

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Crimson Luna is a new and upcoming guild who is looking for members to join our family. We are a close-knit group, and if you are looking for a place that you will feel like you belong. This is the guild for you. We are aiming to welcome new and active members with open arms. We are in the beginning stages of recruitment. We work as a team to help each other. This includes Bosses, Scrolls, Farming, etc. Anyone seeking a Guild Family please drop a message below, or connect with us on our discord page. https://discord.gg/M7kBdr3

Things to look forward to:

- An 18+, relaxed playstyle guild
- Boss Battles
- Stable online presence
- Like solo questing, but hate the ongoing silence? then hop into our Guild Discord
- Be apart of a community that will treat you like family and not just a number 

Guild master - Hephaestus1 Sejor, level 57 wizard. He is active every day and tries to help and stay in direct contact with all his members.

Officer - Grimori Ahriman, level 57 Wizard.

Officer - Lilly Hyuga Dark Lilly level 56 Dark Knight 

Officer - Eytheranea Rearsha level 55 Ranger 

Officer - Asuna Yuki LordAstoroth level 56 Musa

The guild master and all the officers are very active and they are all dedicated to helping their members, new and vetran alike. They share the same goal of creating a place where all their members can enjoy the entirety of the game together.

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