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[NA]BasicAF Guild, Chill group that loves to grind and pvp. Everyone welcome

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BasicAF is a new establishing guild full of players all levels. We have serval pc players including myself and were willing to teach. Eventually as we grow we will have a level requirement and will allow all current members adequate time to reach the level requirement. 

Everyone is currently welcome, join while you can! Add me on PlayStation “SomeBasicMeme” or comment here for more info.

Guild Master

Family Name - iiillliiilll Character Name - LilChubby PSN - SomeBasicMeme


PheonticCoder, Gwynblade_Dutchu

We are a pretty chill and laid back group that goes hard on Black Desert. We are semi family friendly :) , definitely 🌿grass friendly. 

We are a pvp and pve guild. We will help you grind your levels and silver as well as defend you when someone tries to push you out of your grind. 

All guild quests are not a requirement however you do need to occasionally help to earn your keep and help us prepare for node wars and guild houses as well as help grow the guild. 

Discord is a requirement for communication. You can easily download it onto your phone or computer and an invite link will be sent to you if you do join. 

If you have any questions just ask below or add me on PlayStation “SomeBasicMeme”


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Currently trapped in a guild with guildie whose inactive and cant leave because no guild funds to buy out contract til it expires. 

Once I'm free of those shackles I might be down to clown.

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