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[NA] [PS4] CrimsonLuna looking for helpful and responsible quartermasters

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CrimsonLuna is a quickly expanding guild. We are looking for good leadership to help make our guild the best it can be. We are looking for responsible and helpful individuals to help manage our guild and help it grow.


A voice chat interview is required it can be through psn or discord.

Must be knowledgeable about the game and yet still willing to learn

Must be helpful and willing to answer the question members will have.

Must be responsible and able to manage a division.

Job description

Our quarter masters will be the head of a division, crafting and gathering, PVE, and siege wars. We are looking for a couple of quartermasters for each category. Quartermasters will be able to choose which aspect of the game they enjoy most and based on that the category they division they wish to lead. Members will be able to choose which categories they are intrested in and then they can join that divisions chat on discord. Quartermasters will be in charge of answering members questions that are relevant to their specialty. They will also lead parties when members wish to group up. Those that are intrested in siege war and pvp will lead units into battle. 

About our guild and our ambitions

We are a friendly and active guild that strives to offer a home to new and vetran players alike. We have 21 members and are growing daily. We are a PVX guild and we do life skills as well. Our guild master is a lvl 57 wizard and is active every day. Our ultimate goal is to offer players a place where they belong. We wish to create a place where our members can enjoy the many aspects of the game. 

You can contact me on discord Jobohobo#0746 

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