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Get Kzarka knowledge! - How to // Karanda update

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1. Go to the "Serendia Shrine" node - look for Hakkon (Priest in white robe)

2. Do the amity game with him, until you have enough (60 or less) points to unlock his dialogue option "Knowledge on Kzarka" for minor energy points (2)

3. You now got rng knowledge on Kzarka! But if it is not "S" grade, it is time to have an alt ready for step nr. 4

4. Log into your alt character (with high energy) and travel to Calpheon library. Talk to "Annolisa Rose" - "Knowledge Management" - "Ecology" - "Ecology of Serendia" - "Kzarka" - "Kzarka, the..."

5. Now click on "Kzarka, the Lord of Corruption" and pay 10 energy to delete your knowledge

6. Switch back to your first char and talk to Hakkon, pay 2 energy for the knowledge (no amity game needed anymore) and roll your rng dice

7. Do this until you get the "S" ranking.

My tries: C, C, B, B, B, B, S

Happy hunting!


1. Edit: Why would you care about knowledge?


  • S: +% rare drop chance
  • A+: ++ damage
  • A: + damage
  • B: - damage received
  • C.: view monster HP %

2. Edit: Karanda - Harpy Queen Knowledge

1. Go to Clarkster - Node manager of Karanda Ridge -

2. Do the amity game IF you have knowledge on all things harpy. Otherwise, the game will yield little to no amity. You can however "greet" him instead. This saps your energy and rewards amity

3. The moment you see the ring around the npc turning into a warmer color, that is your amity standing. Reach the "?" (~ 400!) and go to his dialogue. You can now ask for Karanda knowledge

4. Get the "S" rating, otherwise repeat the same rotation you did with Kzarka and Annolisa Rose. Karanda's knowledge can be deleted in the same manner.


Side note: Giant Mudster at Glish Ruins, but this one will cost around 35 energy each try!

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Been doing it for 40 min 

lmao almost there in terms of rng right :””(

Edit: No f’ing way i just got S after posting this no BS 


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Can't you not also randomly get higher grade knowledge from killing him? I assumed it is the same as enemies, where your knowledge can improve as you kill more.

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On 9/19/2019 at 7:27 PM, Grimnoir said:

also randomly get higher grade knowledge

Yes, this is also working and a nice upgrade from the old version. But for Kzarka and bosses generally, it can take you 50 kills or more to get S rank knowledge. Doing the npc way is extremely fast and easy in comparison.

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On 10/8/2019 at 1:51 PM, Six said:

Does it work for all the fieldbosses? Dim Tree, Begh, etc

I am not aware of any npcs giving out knowledge on those. Bird pets are a thing for this, or glasses.

Luckily, the night vendor offers all boss items randomly and at least for me, it feels like you get them much faster this way (if you have the energy)

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