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Teleport / Stamina - Linked?

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So nobody was going to mention it but -- I have been playing the class Witch since Beta and back then I really did not do much dying so I never really paid attention to detail with my top tier 500 pearl novelty glasses ... ANYWHOOSIES to my point: I keep playing the Witch class and when I'm out in the field hunting ogres , clearing mobs , fighting in general and my stamina bar goes down ( like way down ) and the enemies start kicking my cheek meat left and right I try to escape using teleport but for some odd reason if my stamina ends up low while in combat I cannot use teleport , I just sit there goof(ily) is that a word , for the sake of my argument I hope it is  jumping in place and often times dying because of it , I did a few tests okay not actually testing but I was out in the field and started paying more and more attention to my skill set usage. and noticed that when stamina hits a 1x — 20(ish) and starts to regenerate if I try to use teleport before it reaches 60%+ it will not work even though the skill it's self does not require any stamina to cast ( and it makes me cry considering I finally hit level 59 and Bheg is out here yoinking me around even through the giant rock that's in the middle of his field, which also doesn't make much sense. and I can't escape (and every time I die , I lose 1% which is like 1,000 kills.) So yeah -- bug report , profound sadness.

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