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Waiting for support answering my ticket

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Hi guys, 

I want to ask for your experience with the Pearl Abyss support. How long did it take to get an answer on your ticket requests? Which language did you choose?

My case:

I started Black Desert with the deluxe edition and therefore the 48 hours early access to the game. Right from the start I had a really minor in-game issue and wrote a German ticket as I am a German customer. In fact the first days and up to weeks I didn't really care about getting an answer as the issue did not influence or keep me from playing my character. 

I wrote the ticket on the 20th of August and got no answer up to about the 23rd of September. This day I chose to cancel the German ticket and wrote a new one in English (which might be the wrong choice as my ticket would be added to the end of the list). Anyway, up to now I didn't receive an answer on the English ticket as well. So I am currently stuck on a support request since pre-launch of the game, which is kind of disappointing and really annoying. Actually I am pretty pissed about this situation right now. 

Has anyone received a German answer from Pearl Abyss on a ticket yet (or another language except English)? I am kind of curious if they are really able to support different languages. 


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6 hours ago, CM_Valtarra said:

Hi @Skajia I am so sorry to hear of this. What is your family name and your character name?


CM Valtarra

Hi Valtarra,

thank you for having a look at my problem. The tickets I wrote are about my character Nanielle Lothringen. Currently the German ticket is still in a kind of cancellation process and there should be another open English ticket for the same character. 


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Im waiting almost two months for an answer.... im rly annoyed


Please look finally at my issue. I still didnt get any beta rewards or title...


Name: Bilal Ibar

Edited by Bilal

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Seems that you are stuck like me. 

Well, update from side as Valtarra's post gave me some kind of hope:

It didn't changed a thing yet. Still the German ticket is hanging in a cancellation process, still no answer at all.

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