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ЕU 59 Zerker 400+ GS Looking for a fishing guild

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Hi im BELLUM 400+GS Zerker level 59, looking for a fishing guild on PS4 EU! My fishing GS is OVER 9000! Got a big harpoon which i kill Mediah goats with sometimes for fun, sometimes just coz im an angry giant. My boat is a BMW E90 with 400HP and 19"BBS on the side (got em from pimp my ride last season free) My rod...my rod i`ll show it to you later if i decide to join your guild, (wink) It s thick and big (once i slayed kzarka with it). I am very strong and big with vast knowledge of the ocean and its depts coz i swem trough it few times due to glitches in the game, have about 1289301 hours of swimming the Mediah ocean (No boats and costumes, they are for pussies plus i look like a whale anyway). Need to find friendly, mature and chill people to fish with cause i have an unstable mental health and might stab you with the rod at some point. 🤓

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