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Eminence Eu Guild recruiting

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Looking for a socially active, strong, determined PvP guild to join and grow with? Eminence is an english speaking guild of like minded people who want to grow, progress and flourish while becoming part of a family that's in the game for the long haul

What you can expect from us: A guild that can mix the serious with the fun, a non-toxic environment of strong members looking to run PvP, meet new people and have fun doing it, a group who will support you in your black desert ambitions, with regular guild wide events such as:

. Node wars
. Open world GvG
. Red battlefield
. Custom events i.e. tournaments with cash prizes and battle arena training
. Guild missions/bosses
. Relic scroll groups
. Grinding parties

What we expect from you: dedication and passion! Members that proactively get involved, turn up to events and generally become part of the crew and enjoy PvP!

. 400 gear score+
. Mic
. Discord
. Active

Dm AbusiveGentleman#0001 or join our discord for a short application form before joining, also open to smaller guilds merging with us if any are interested, hope to see you all there! - Dan


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