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Account Authentication Error

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It's been an entire week having this error. First I was told it was Xbox service, but they just fixed that yesterday and released an update. All of my other games work perfectly. I submitted another ticket with more detail. Upon entering the login screen it gives me a message reading "Profile authentication key invalid." If I'm lucky enough to get to the character selection screen, selecting a character gives me the message "This task has already been finished." Despite having all of these details, and waiting a total of 4 days across two tickets, I am told that I was wrong. Your records indicate that I can log in. I JUST purchased pearls to use the armstrong guide, haven't been able to touch it. When are you actually restoring access to my account? I've missed the monthly logins for 5 days because you are unwilling to fix this error on my account. It's not evening that you're unable, the support team clearly is NOT looking into my ticket content at all. I'm considering quitting, I literally have no option. 

I've reinstalled the game twice, I've cleared saved games both locally and for this specific game, DNS change, router change. Every possible network issue has been diagnosed. Stop replying to my ticket with pre-generate messages. I cannot log in. Period.


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@CM_Valtarra my third ticket reply is the same as the second. You guys keep telling me I am able to access my account. I am not at all. I have to restart several times and wait several minutes to maybe get logged into a BLANK map. There is no interaction available to me at all. I restart again and now I can't get back in. But in the replies from support they keep telling me I am able to access my account??? This is the THIRD ticket almost a week of this issue unaddressed from you guys. What is going on?

@CM Trent @CM ValenciaWhat is going on with my account and why is support not looking into the issue at all???

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