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Berzerkers movement problem console

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A top down view when you use the buster ultimate that gives us a radius to ult in a place or move within the zoomed out cam view seen as we don't have mouse click movements.

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@CM Valtarra 

The awakening ultimate: giant leap is one of our strongest skills in the game and the way its utilized on PC with mouse click to move looks smooth and could be done console.

There could be a zoomed out cinematic asymmetrical view (its and ult btw so) the little charge up time we get can be used to make an animation. The animation will have a radius cam view top down view as we leap with a circle radical on the ground which with console the LS can control it say in a group fight (which we should do good in) as fire rain down for the same time as it takes to go that vertical distance we do now.


Make me a partner ;) iv got ideas I like the game.

Ps just saw some new coming changes on global lab pc with the mouse movement removal, even more of a time to experiment this idea for both PC and console.

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