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Conquers' Ultimate Wizard Guide

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1) Armor, Weapons, & Accessories
Boss Gear - https://bdoplanner.com/CrystalRiverTwister ( *Substitute Offhand with TET Parrying Dagger for PVP. )
Please aim for the PRE boss gear build if you are new to wiz and do not have the money for boss gear/gold accessories. Once you are able to farm all game content efficiently, you can transition into the boss gear build. If you are a patient player, start off aiming for the boss gear setup from the start.
I will be replacing the starter crystals with RBF Human damage crystals as I move forward with this build. I still have the marketplace crystals as placeholders until then.


2) Skills
Pre Awakened Skills ( 700 SP Required )https://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/78054/
Awakened Skills ( BASE Skills only;1500 SP Required )https://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/78054/


3)Super Armor Rotation & PvP Combos
*CC & Combo Initiation Skills
  • Water Sphere
  • Cataclysm
  • Meteor Shower
  • Fireball/Fireball Explosion
**S Block(Hold Backwards) is your Friend. If your Initiation skills miss then go right back into an S block or teleport and re-position.
MAIN Super Armor Rotation - Cataclysm>Bolide's Destruction>Water Prison (Repeat)
  • Variations 1 (PvP) - Cataclysm>Ritardando>Flame Knot>Water Prison
  • Variation 2 (PvE) - Lava Field>Hellfire>Cataclysm>Bolide's Destruction>Water Prison
  • Variation 3 (PvP) - Water Sphere>Hellfire>Cataclysm>Flame Knot>Water Prison
  • Variation 4 (PvP) - Water Sphere> Absolute Fireball> Absolute Fireball Explosion>Hellfire>Cataclysm>Flame Knot>Water Prison
  • Variation 5 (PvP) - Sage's Memory> Absolute Meteor Shower>Teleport> Cataclysm>Flame Knot>Water Prison
The better you become at stance swapping from Pre awakening to Awakening the more fluid your combos become. I hotkey water sphere and fireball in order to attack my enemies while switching between stances. Also my buffs allow me to swap stances and stay effective in battle.
Hotkeyed/Ring Menu Skills
  • Sage's Memory
  • Speed Spell
  • Spellbound Heart
  • Water Sphere
  • Absolute Fireball(Preferred)/ Absolute Meteor Shower/Absolute Earthquake
  • Healing Lighthouse
  • Healing Aura

boss gear.png

pre boss gear.png

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