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First of all I would like to start this off with, “thank you”.

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😝 I would like to thank  whomever took care of my problem of not getting my pearl bought items.  I have them now and if I would’ve had a little patience and would’ve known who to talk to then it probably would’ve got resolved in a more “Lady like” way. I realize now that patience will get me a further then jumping up and down getting angry and trying to get my way quicker but is just going to take longer. 

I have a statement and a question: 

My statement is when I purchased items and ladies wear and such saddles, I buy with pearls. So however long the game will be up these items will be bound to me. ( And I’m praying your game sticks around & has fun new ideas to bring us in the future! I apologize for my behavior and please accept my apology?😇

I have one more question that I will place somewhere else being that this is a cell phone and I will do it on another date catch .




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When Valkoor is confronted with Bad Trash Talk. Don't be surprised if I trash you in return! 

Treat others how you expect to get treated.  Oh yeah 2 wrongs don't make a right, but it's like someone running up to me, it's a right punch with all I have! Reason being I don't know what the problem might be! Survival! Get them b4 they get me.


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