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Sorceress Nightcrow Fowarding

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Hey everyone, this is a suggestion for the Devs, but feel free to chime in comments about any of your suggestions to fix our Nightcrow (foward)

So as we all know, the xbox way for nightcrow is pretty lame, for most of us, we don't even use it and go side to side while moving camera to stay in the combat.

So my idea would be a flow for our awakening. What I mean is while in awakening state, if we Shadow Leap and hold Left Trigger while doing it, we come out of Shadow Leap sprinting. I feel like instead of sprinting if we hold Left Trigger after Shadow Leap it will automatically Nightcrow (Foward) for us. Another good player I know also suggested that after Shadow Leap we tap Right Trigger once to activate Nightcrow (Foward) 

Sorry if the wording is a little off, feel free to ask me any questions. 

Thanks, Memes.

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