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Central Market and the Economy

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So, the central market is an amazing feature that I have never seen in game before this.

This feature allows you to find anything you've wanted quickly without having to search through dozens of vendors.

However their is a problem, the game doesn't allow a person to profit off of purchased mats, not typically.

Here's how this could be improved so that prices are driven down, more transactions occur thus reducing the amount of silver in game making each silver more valuable.

Do not remove the caps but broaden the base at which materials and items may be sold, so not as to allow a person to give some one else that item but instead allow you to sell it on the open market. A material that is either near worthless or worth too much at the minimum value to even consider using, thus making those production nodes obsolete.

Allowing ores for example to be sold far below what normal prices are should drive down the price index on melt and ingots, however rarer mats should have a bit more discretion as if your going for those, you've played long enough to know how to acquire it or buy it for that price.

This idea holds fast with previous suggestions in tandem

I suggest looking at just how many worthless mats and items there are and see how far those must go before they have a value in the game economy.

I would also take note that the market should not change so expediently that guilds are able to change market trend but that market trend over a week makes an automated adjustment in finding the maximum and minimum market values.

I would for sure do this before allowing the increase of high tier mats and see how far down you can drive the quantity of silver in the game.

After that, then reassess the value of top tier items as they will not sell at all, there will be demand, but silver will have a far greater value than now.

These prices should not be static but at no point should they drop below a certain percentage above what the vendors sell it for, the more the item less its worth and the more silver the more its worth, these items should be weighed in value against each other.

The end result of crafting something should be approx 250% the mat purchase cost and that workers should be able to fail at things as well that result in mat.

Selling that item already drops 250% to 162% the value of the mats in profit, that 162% value could easily be lost by a single death as stated in my PKing and why its good.  It would reduce the value to only 105% its profitability from the crafters 162% to just 105%.

That means for every 20 losses by death etc is the value of 20 crafts.

You should always strive to have more ways to remove silver from the economy than ways to dump silver into it, otherwise inflation will occur and having game mandated caps is ultimately making certain parts obsolete or totally worthless.

For your efforts, I wouldn't want parts of my game to be worthless or ignored, as some parts have already become so quickly

Market caps only encourage the degradation of the game and restricts aspects of the game which players could find a niche in.



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