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Virtues Under the Desert Sand

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Content, here you go.  This is called a Gauntlet.  This is where people go to die.  This is where the bosses minions hide.

A tunnel, stretching a vast distance under the desert sand.  Filled with wave after wave of enemies.  They rush from the far end charging your advice towards their vile lords.  They are not static, but this is a push, back and forth it wages.  It is the dance of the Yin and Yang.

Both forces push under the ground trying to reach the others Generals killing along the way, littering bodies under the sand.

This would be a progressive event, much like tug o war, but instead of tug, this is instead the Charge of War.

It is only won when one side reaches the other and kills that lord.  This is no short trek and when you die, you return to the beginning as it is hell you are fighting your way out of.  Hopefully, you win and take the prize that the evil lord holds.

Not many will make it as the horde never stops spawning, never stops advancing, they never stop their push against all that is good.

This is where the blood of the fallen turns to Stone, under the darkness of the desert sand.

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Content for the game

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Ok, Virtues Under the Desert Sand.

An event that runs until one side or the other loses.  Each side has a Lord.  One for Order, the other for Chaos.

This is an event that would stretch across a long more narrow area, where players would push against the never ending hordes.

It would get progressively more difficult to kill said creatures the deeper they venture.  Anyone of any level could join as the beginning of the tunnel is easy.

As they traverse, more and more of the adventures will die and be sent back to the beginning.

The prize should fit the reward for killing, a score sheet kept for each participant and rewards given based on performance.

Special awards go to those who may deliver the final blow and are a major contributor to the death of the lord.

Lastly, small rewards at the end dor each area of the Wyrms tunnel successfully passed by said player.

This is a Desert Wurm Tunnel used to allow the creatures of the underworld to travel unscathed by man.

This is another taste of content for the game.


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Further Explanation

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