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Tamer Evasive Attack + Flow turns camera

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When you use Evasive Attack + Flow, it should keep the camera fixed like with all other side scrolling attacks.

Currently, the camera is set to rotate with your directional command, which results in the tamer using the skill and the camera forcing the next flow attack to fire in the new direction you accidentally turned to. 

I am 99,9% sure that this is not intended @CM_Valtarra

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Yes, Ive tried every camera setting and it feels like there is some sort of lag with the joystick that will turn the character before and after the straffing moves. Its causing the camera to also forcibly turn  the higher your sensitivity is. The sorcerer's strafing and evasive abilities are similar and do not have this issue.


There is also a number of flow abilities that are flow abilities that wont go off if your joystick is not in the neutral position when you activate it. example tree climb -> scratch. I dont think this is intended since sorcerer has very similar abilities that flow and are not as finicky as the Tamer's.

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