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Warrior Changes I believe we need

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I truly believe this would allow warriors to bring more to the table without giving them too much of an edge where others would cry foul.

First off, Frenzied strikes needs an SA. Its a new PvE skill that mobs easily interrupt by stunning you and the ability is about 1-2 seconds long + it cannot be animation canceled; I also think extending the crit damage buff by 1 second or increasing the damage buff from 5 to 8/10% would be nice (Its damage is highly reduced in PvP).

Second would be an SA on shield charge/double shield charge. This would allow for a safer movement without giving up our only iframe to traverse the field safely.

Third an SA on takedown is much needed. It finally allows us to stop being stunned while we're in the midst of stunning someone else with our grab. 

Fourth Downsmash on Spinning slash (Cooldown). Spinning slash is a good ability for PvE and PvP it can help but it never quite gets the job down and this would allow it to be more of an execute like ability. Warrior succession has this but it also added a very non PvE/PvP friendly issue which was the ability to cancel the ability.  

Fifth rabam shield tide affects being applicable to both PvP and PvE. Currently its PvE only but this would give us a float that is semi protected thus opening up more combo opportunities. 

Sixth Fix the iframe lock when you are blocking attacks from multiple attackers. When you are being hit and are blocking  more than 1 person(s) attacks, you are unable to use your iframe. This commonly happens when you are blocking the Witch shock AoE and another players abilities especially a 2nd witch using shock AoE or her golem.

Seventh and final, I believe adding more health to the shield block gauge is necessary. As I do not have an exact number for shield health I will suggest 15-25% more shield health being fair.



Frenizied Strikes SA
SA on shield/double shield charge
SA on takedown
Downsmash cooldown for spinning slash
Rabam stuns work for both PvE and PVP
iFrame fix when blocking multiple attackers
More shield health for blocking

@CM Trent@CM_Valtarra @[CM]Shirna @GM_Calpheon 

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