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Thirst´s mechanic is boring and broken

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1.) Thanks for the info! For bugs, please put them in the bug section and first and foremost submit a ticket to www.console.playblackdesert.com

2.) In order to fix issues we need more info such as:

What is your family name and gamertag?

Specifically what kind of console are you using?

Are you NA or EU?

Are you hardwired or using wifi?

Have you done a hard restart or redownloaded the game in attempts to fix the issue?

Are you always on the same server when experiencing this issue?

Do you notice this issue when something specific is happening? For example; "I notice this happening when I am accessing my warehouse inventory" or "I notice this happening when central marketplace notifications pop on the screen." 

If you could fill these questions out and send them to me in a direct message in this forum (so that I am guaranteed a notification, and see the response) I will send this off for the devs to review, although the first step is always submitting a ticket.

If you would like to go the extra mile, some players will take a video of the issue as it as happening, upload it to youtube or any other type of app that will give you a direct link and then forward it to me with the information. The more info we have, the easier it is to fix.

Thank you for reaching out, I will do my best to get the issue fixed. Please keep in mind that fixes are not instant and will take some time to implement into game depending on the severity of what needs to be fixed.

Thank you, 

CM Valtarra


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