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cant use wagon in any way

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yesterday i was out horse taming and finally got a female t3 but when when i remote recovered my wagon,(i left it in a safe zone) it came back but now its durablt bar is at 1/6600 and when i try to select it it just flashes once and the menu is nowhere to be found i have a bunch of valuable stuff and my 2 best horses on it and i cant even disconnect them. my wagons icon is purple at all of the stables but none of them are counting them as being in the stable ex: my wagon says its stabled at the southern gaurd camp but when i go there its not there but the icon for it is still purple like the horse i have there that i am able to take out and its like that at all the stables ive unlocked. im really frustrated and would really appreciate some advice/assistance. my 2 horses on the wagon are a lvl9T5N and a lvl5T3A ant the stuff in my wagon is some garbage and all of my weapon gems and all of my gold/silver bars and it has a topper on it 

EDIT:i forgot to mention that it wont let me repair it either

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forgot to mention something

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Did you go to the stable it originally came from to get it? I had this issue too and realized I wasn't at the original stable I took the wagon out of.


CM Valtarra

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