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JellyBean server NA xbox one

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JellyBean> Guild mostly PvE but who know, if the guild grow enough there is still a possibility to do large scale PvP. No matter if you are a new player, an old one or simply an afk lifeskiller, everyone is welcome! There is no gearscore or level required. A few of us play bdo on xbox one since day 1 so if you have any question or if you need help i think its a good place for you! -Fishing, gathering, Health & AP buff are Mastered, we are working on to master them all asap. A little list of what we do: -Guild Boss -Guild Mission -Pila Fe party -Fishing party -World boss -Anena  -Red battlefield -GvG when we get enough member! Any group activities!  -We decided to issue a goal to the guild and this every week, this is to make the guild more active and give the taste to do group activities. -We need warrior and shai to better defend the guild members we are pve but we are still in a hostile territory This is a very friendly Guild, we have fun together, no stress, no drama,respectful! We defend our member, you will no be left alone! On this if you want any more info or if you are interested to join, you can send me a private msg at anytime. English and/et Français

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