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XBOX EU <BiS> Pvp guild looking for members!

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Fresh guild <BiS> is looking for strong, dedicated players to progress and build a top tier guild together.

About us;

We are a small breakaway guild with plans to become a top tier guild on the EU Server, we're looking for like-minded, skilled individuals to achieve this goal together.

What we offer;

• Our current members have ~530 Average GS 
• Experienced Players & Shotcaller
• Dedicated Leadership
• Fair Payout For Attending Nodewar
• +5 AP/DR/Acc (working towards the rest)
• Regular Mirumok grind groups and powerlevel groups

What we require;

• 480 gear score and must show you have an idea of how to use your class. 
• Discord for voice chat & node war sign up.
• Frequent attendance of Node War and Siege, everyone must carry their own weight, no free rides will be given but you will be compensated fairly. 
• A respectful, non-tosic attitude, we're all for banter but salty, toxic behaviour will not be tolerated.

If you aren't afraid to get yours hands dirty putting in some hard work to build something great together then this might just be the guild for you! 

To get involved or for more information, join our discord with this link; 


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