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The Guiido

Envision NOT recruiting NA/EU

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Envision is now recruiting. We come from previous experienced MMO's and experience in other competitive games. We are a PvP primary focused guild who really looks forward to Guild v Guild (Siege), Tournaments, 5v5's (Premades) and Node Wars but thats not to say though that PvE doesn't matter, as we plan on setting up groups focusing on gear progression, and making sure that we help out each other. and  We plan on recruiting people who are experienced and are looking for a fun, and adrenaline filled PvP, competitive experience. We have a Discord that is ready for people to join. We plan on adding in the patch notes whenever there is an update, and much much more including theory crafting, testing, personal class viability, shortcuts, and more stuff I cant put on text because this would be a book! Lastly me and a few others plan on heavily streaming this as well which is also where we plan on showcasing PvP matches and tourney's as well as GvG, NW etc..

My gamertag is The Guiido, and I look forward to hearing some of your replies! Feel free to respond on here or message me on Xbox so we can talk about it. Thanks everyone! 

Community Discord: https://discord.gg/GcZKarv

If you are interested in joining Envision, and think you have what it takes, message me on Discord The Guiido#2061 or on Xbox, GT: The Guiido and we will talk. If you end up meeting our criteria, you will be given the Envision role.

UPDATE: Envision and it's members have since then migrated to Blood Legion and is owned by @Beond, Sorry for the long time not updating this. I am an Officer in the guild, if you have any questions, or have any requests feel free to use the Community Discord or hit me up on Xbox. 

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