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Item Degradation and the Positive Changes it Would Make

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So, one thing in nearly every game that has a durability system is at what point can an item break or breakdown.

Currently the only time you lose max durability is when you enhance an Item.

This is a problem for the economy, as items can and will stockpile  ecause people who have end game gear will always have the ability to use it without consequence.

By making a few simple tweaks people would have to think twice about which gear they should use.

Every time you repair your gear at a vendor, it should lose some max Durability.  Unless you have for example a Anvil and Artisan processing to repair your own.  Repairing your own should consume some type of resource to stop the loss of max durability.  This resource should change depending on the level and rarity of the gear so that it is in effect not indestructible.

You should have to maintain your gear.

This will help pull gear off the shelves and make having boss gear loss OP by making players choose when they should use it.

Further, evey action that invloves Enhancing, Enchanting and Transfusion should consume at minimum some durability unless you have the materials to negate that loss.

For example, Cron stones and its subsequent non existent stones for lower grade items to prevent durability loss from augmentation of any kind.

Using the item should only consume durability but any further action to the item should damage the maximum durability.  It should not be indestructible in the sense that the only time you have too worry about max durability is when you are leveling it up.

This idea will encourage trade and close the gear gap by making all gear have a usable life span that requires attention when it is near its end.

This will stop everyone from being godlike all the time, it will bring the struggle back to the PvE and PvP as those PKs who roam wont just be able to go non-stop.  The people grinding will have too acquire new strategies and be weary of how and what too farm.

This is a positive change for the amount of item saturation of worthless gear, CM saturation of worthless Mats, reduce the saturation of Boss gear currently in play/use, increase CM trade quantities, reduce player AP and DP gaps and lastly the removal of huge amounts of Silver from the in game economy.

This gives silver more value and we need more ways to burn silver off from the game so that not everyone can afford everything all of the time.  Financial decisions should be made with thought.

The only thing any of you can gripe about is that this will make you have to appreciate your gear and look after it.  That the grind is not over and that you don't get to be godlike all the time.

This, this is a small but yet very effective way to change the entire dynamic of the game in positive ways, adding a degree of difficulty behind the concept of it without actually changing the difficulty of the creatures.

I hope none of you get too pissed but select your gear carefully, you'll need more than one set and you should be cautious of the financial decisions you make in game.


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